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Double Johnnie Walker Black Scotch Whisky

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After selecting them whiskies by their features notes of coal of firewood and ashes, the mixture is introduced in barrels of oak
The flavor is smoked, with notes of vanilla creamy, wood and fruit dry sweet
Can be enjoyed only, with ice or with a bit of water

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Double Johnnie Walker Black Scotch Whisky

Johnnie Walker Double Black Whisky 70 cl
After selecting them whiskies by their features notes of coal of firewood and ashes, the mixture is introduced in barrels of oak
The flavor is smoked, with notes of vanilla creamy, wood and fruit dry sweet
Can be enjoyed only, with ice or with a bit of water
Amount of 700 ml with 40% alcohol

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Preparation of Whisky

The distillation of whisky It consists of mixing water with barley and let them ferment at a minimum two years. First is maltea barley; soak it and drain it several times. Subsequently be transferred to industrial containers to let it germinate. To the sprout, barley starch turns into sugar. Subsequently dried in ovens through the smoke of the charcoal that also gives it an aroma of malt. After this process, barley takes a dark color, y es ahora cuando podemos hablar de la malta como tal.Siguiendo el proceso, dry and roasted malt is milled and mixed with hot water. The obtained mixture is similar to the beer, and then add yeast, What will make it possible to fermentation. Then moves on to distillation: The wash is distilled twice. The first pot still distillation we obtain a called low wine of 25-30 °, and in the second distillation, We will obtain whisky de 60°-70°.Por último llegamos al envejecimiento. Each whisky a type of wood used in own barrel, It is also the distillery that decides to use new barrels, burned, etc. The single malts, barrels must be oak and that previously contained Bourbon or Sherry Wine. The age of whisky It varies depending on its name and purpose. The wooden barrel brings flavor and aroma, as in the case of wines, regulates the whisky by the addition of caramel color.

Whisky Scotch

The Whiskey Scottish are, distillates twice or even three times. It is of a whisky distilled and aged exclusively in Scotland and is the most famous in the world has. Should be made in accordance with the standards of the Order of the Scottish Whisky of United Kingdom, ordering the Whiskey must be processed at a Scottish distillery with barley with a degree of 94.8 ° of alcohol, you have to be aged in oak barrels that previously contained bourbon with a capacity equal to or less than 700 litres and for more than three years in Scotland, It may not contain other added elements that are not water or candy as dye and may not be bottled with less than 40 degrees of alcohol by volume.

Malt whisky

The Malt whisky, It is made mainly of malted barley, and it has traditionally been distilled in onion-shaped copper stills. The Single malts at the same time they are called: Single Malt: It is a whiskey made exclusively with barley malt in a single distillery. Vatted malt: is one mix of whiskies different distilleries, but only of malta. If a whisky is labeled as "malt" will surely be a vatted malt. Is also known as pure malt When is the same company that uses different owned distilleries whisky.

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